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Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook, Fashion…and Flamethrowers?!

Women-led Casual Gaming Startup to Launch Fashion Creation Application

San Francisco, CA – December 13, 2010 – San Francisco-based company Real Life Plus (RL+) announces the launch of Style Studio and Fashion FaceOff, Facebook applications where users create 3D fashion designs and promote them in a fun-filled rating arena.

If looks could kill, this application would be in jail. Style Studio is comprised of easy-to-use tools to create 3D fabrics, clothing and outfits. Fashion Faceoff lets users be judge, jury and executioner to decide the fate of would be designers around the world. Budding fashionistas can rise through the ranks and earn points to purchase virtual goods inside any RL+ product. Flamethrowers and other instruments of destruction can be used to destroy designs deemed unworthy. It’s couture war!

“I wanted to create something easy enough for my mom to play, yet cool enough for my 15 year old nephew to try,” says Terry Redfield, Founder and Chief Creative Officer for RL+. “My goal is to make applications and virtual spaces that all tie together into one exciting experience.”

Both Style Studio and Fashion FaceOff may be downloaded at www.realifeplus.com.

About Real Life Plus
Our mission is to create a virtual entertainment space that is fun and simple to use for everyone. We focus on creating a comfortable environment to meet friends. Our motto is fun in 30 seconds or less, whether you are creating your own clothing brand with our easy to use tools, taking on a job activity to earn currency or meeting people just like you in our immersive 3D space.

The Real Life Plus Development and Community Team consist of social enthusiasts and traditional game/mobile developers that are looking to create the next generation of casual games and social experiences. The RL+ Team each have 10+ years of experience and are driven by a passion for social media. Team members have worked on popular games such as The Sims 2, Resident Evil, Toy Story, Tomb Raider, Psychonauts, SpongeBob Squarepants and Madden NFL.

Real Life Plus. It's Reality - Made by You.

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