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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Never Make a Cold Call Again: 4 Tips

September 6, 2012
Level Playing Field on Inc.com

This post is part of an ongoing series written by Patricia Fletcher, Astia Board of Trustees Member, for her blog on Inc.com, Level Playing Field. Scholar-practitioner, experienced high-tech marketer and advocate for meaningful innovation, she is passionate about leveling the imbalanced technology playing field to include all the best innovators. In addition to serving on the Astia Board of Trustees, Dr. Fletcher happily lends her research, time, and voice to enable women to change the world through high growth entrepreneurship and board service. Follow her on Twitter @pkfletcher.

One of my summer jobs during college was pure cold calling. I walked uninvited into businesses, selling knockoff designer perfumes and colognes at heavily discounted prices. Success, we were told, was nothing more than a numbers game. Hit as many places as you can, and the odds are that one out of 20 businesses will yield a sale. And if one person in an office buys, others probably will, too.

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