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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Personally Cool: Launch of Family Business Serves Menopausal Women

April 19, 2012
The Astia Interview Series on The NextWomen

Today is the first in a series of stories about the Astia Entrepreneurs. The Astia Series on Entrepreneurs is a new series on high-growth entrepreneurial teams brought to you by The NextWomen. The entrepreneurs are all part of Astia, the global venture-accelerator and network for women-led companies and have all terrific stories on how they are conquering their space. The Astia Series on Entrepreneurs is supported by Astia's sponsors.

To launch a company in the Life Science space, it nothing but challenging. To launch a product that is targeted at a female issue, which most men don't understand or want to understand, is a tough sell to the investment community. But Personally Cool overcame the challenges and just launched their product. Time for an Interview with Hugh Brownstone, the CEO and co-founder of Personally Cool.

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