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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 Steps to Game-Changing Relationships

May 8, 2012
Level Playing Field on Inc.com

This post is the first in an ongoing series written by Patricia Fletcher, Astia Board of Trustees Member, for her blog on Inc.com, Level Playing Field. Scholar-practitioner, experienced high-tech marketer and advocate for meaningful innovation, she is passionate about leveling the imbalanced technology playing field to include all the best innovators. In addition to serving on the Astia Board of Trustees, Dr. Fletcher happily lends her research, time, and voice to enable women to change the world through high growth entrepreneurship and board service. Follow her on Twitter @pkfletcher.

"Part of my work involves figuring out why some women succeed and others do not. Yet I’ve worked mostly with men in my career, and I’ve always heard that men have bigger, stronger, bolder, and all-around better networks than women. So when I meet wildly successful women, especially in the male-dominated tech industry, it seems only natural to ask them about the importance of their networks. These women often answer me by talking about relationships. At first I thought this was a fluke: I’m asking about networks, so why are they responding by talking about relationships?"

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